Tommy Verdecchio - Drumz

Tommy Verdecchio is a professionally trained and skilled local drumming legend.  As the backbone of "Helmz Edge", Tommy literally attacks the drums with unrivaled physical aggression, mental precision, and flawless timing.  A true performer, he believes in giving every thing he has at every "Helmz Edge" show, and he strives to ensure that his drums are "felt" every bit as much as they are "heard".  As any musician knows, a band is only as good as the drummer allows them to be - and luckily for "Helmz Edge", they have the absolute best hard rock drummer in the area sitting behind the kit.

Tommyz Influencez:

1.    Robert Brosh
2.    Morgan Rose
3.    Thomas Lang
4.    Steve Smith
5.    Virgil Donati

Tommy Playz:

1.    Yamaha Drums and Hardware
2.    Zildjian Cymbals
3.    Pearl Bass Drum Pedals
4.    Remo and Evans Drum Heads
5.    Vic Firth Sticks

Tommyz Top 5 Favorite Albumz:

1.    Def Leppard - "Pyromania"
2.    Linkin Park - "Hybrid Theory"
3.    Disturbed - "The Sickness"
4.    Journey - "Frontiers"
5.    Alice In Chains - "Dirt"
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