Pete Kamenakis - Bass/Vocalz

Pete is a professionally trained bassist who studied at B.I.T. and has a fully comprehensive knowledge of music theory ... and he will absolutley melt your face with his uncompromising, energetic live stage performance during "Helmz Edge" showz!  No matter how fast the song, no matter how aggressive the riff - Pete absolutely REFUSES to play bass with a pick, and subsequently has the fastest, most technically proficient "fingerz" in South Jersey.  His thunderous low-end bass tone and high-pitched background vocalz compliment the "Helmz Edge" sound and enable the band to remain as sonically powerful as ever. 

Pete'z Influencez:

1.    Steve Harris 
2.    Doug Pinnick
3.    Tim Bogert
4.    Geddy Lee
5.    Paul McCartney

Pete Playz:

1.    Peavey and Hamer Bass Guitars
2.    Peavey Amplification
3.    EMG and Peavey Active Pickups
4.    Boss Effects
5.    Cirrus XL Strings

Pete'z Top 5 Favorite Albumz:

1.    Iron Maiden - "Piece of Mind"
2.    Rush - "Moving Pictures"
3.    Beatles - "Sgt. Pepper's lonely Hearts Club Band"
4.    King's X - "King's X"
5.    Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"
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