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Helmz Edge is a melodic heavy rock band that'z born, bred, and based in Southern New Jerzey.  Their thundering self-titled debut EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, and can be found by clicking on any of these linkz. 

"Helmz Edge is by far and away one of the best original bands in the entire Philly/Southern NJ area!  It's just a matter of time before these guys hit the national stage!" - Scott Johnson, ROCK TITAN TV 

"Energy, passion and power fly straight at your face as soon as the first chord rips through your ear drums at a Helmz Edge show.  These guys envelope their audiences - whether seasoned fans or newbies - with their infectious sound, drawing them into Helmz Edge Universe, heart and soul." - Kelly Roncace, Features/Entertainment Writer, South Jersey Times and nj.com

"Helmz Edge is a fast rising band that I think is going to take the airwaves and states by storm.  From the moment you see them in a live performance or pop in your CD, they grab your attention ..." - Juli B., The Fresh Fix on Aquanet Radio

Be sure to come out and see what all the hype is about!!!

Until then, as alwayz ... Rock On!!!

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