Dominic rullo - Guitarz/Vocalz

As the final addition to the "Helmz Edge" line up, Dominic adds both a physically and sonically huge element to the band. The younger brother of lead singer John, Dom grew up around music, and the guitar quickly became his "weapon of choice".  A self-taught player whose style is rooted in the blues, he has the ability to effortlessly throw down a lead over any riff.  His unique style gives an added element of versatility to the band and helps provide added fullness to the "Helmz Edge" live sound.

Dom'z Influencez:

1.    Dimebag Darrell
2.    Stevie Ray Vaughan
3.    Eric Clapton
4.    Jimi Hendrix
5.    Joe Satriani

Dom Playz:

1.    PRS Guitars
2.    Mesa Amplification
3.    Fender Guitars
4.    BOSS and BBE Effects
5.    DR Strings
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