Charlie Boucher - Guitarz/Vocalz

As the resident "tone freak" in "Helmz Edge", Charlie takes obsessive/complusive pride in having an undeniably huge and powerful guitar sound ... (and an effectz board that looks like it could land a plane).  A self-taught musician who playz straight from his heart, Charlie has an uncanny ability to learn, play, write, and remember guitar riffs at the drop of a hat.  Never one to be shy or bashful, he has a natural stage presence while his "go for broke" guitar style and rough-edged background vocalz are an integral part of the "Helmz Edge" sound.

Charlie'z Influencez:

1.    Metallica (Hetfield/Hammett)
2.    Zakk Wylde
3.    Jerry Cantrell
4.    Slash
5.    Adam Jones (Tool)

Charlie Playz:

1.    Gibson USA Guitars/Takamine Acoustics
2.    Diamond Amplification
3.    EMG Pickups
5.    Dunlop Heavy Core Strings

Charlie'z Top 5 Favorite Albumz:

1.    Guns N' Roses - "Appetite for Destruction"
2.    Metallica - "... And Justice For All"
3.    Pearl Jam - "Ten"
4.    Alice In Chains - "Dirt"
5.    Tool - "Ænima"
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